BrainHearing™ - a better way to better hearing

BrainHearing is Oticon’s unique approach to hearing care and helping people with hearing loss get the most from their hearing. And it all starts with the brain.

We think brain first

When developing hearing aids, we think brain first – because you hear with your brain, not your ears.

This unique approach has led to the development of Oticon Opn™. By thinking brain first, we break the conventions of traditional hearing aid technology, enabling users to open up the world.

Traditional hearing aid technology closes down sounds – and life

Groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn lets users open up to the world

Traditional hearing aid technology uses narrow directionality to make speech coming from the front clear, producing an artificial and narrowed listening experience. Oticon Opn opens up the full soundscape to the brain to give it better conditions to perform, while enabling users to handle multiple speakers – even in difficult listening environments.

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What is BrainHearing?

Delivering what the brain needs to hear better

At Oticon, we give the brain what it needs to make sense of sound it receives from the ears. We call this BrainHearing. This allows the brain to better orient itself, separate relevant sounds, focus on the environment and recognise sounds.

By working with the brain, we also reduce the amount of effort (cognitive load) it takes to hear, which frees up mental resources for other activities.

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The first hearing aid fast enough to support the brain

Oticon Opn featuring BrainHearing technology is fast enough to support the brain in the way it processes sound and enables users to open up to the world. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, there is an Oticon Opn for everyone.

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96% user satisfaction

What do users have to say about Oticon Opn?

96% of Oticon Opn users have told us they hear better wearing Oticon Opn hearing aids, while 81% say they understand more with less effort.*

“I feel like I’m alive again. I can participate in all the discussions that I previously wasn’t a part of.” – Eugène Goetz, Oticon Opn user

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* Beck D.L., Porath M., Consumer Responses to the Oticon Opn Hearing Aid. Hearing Review. 2017;24(1):26.