Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™

Introducing the groundbreaking Velox™ platform

Ultra-high processing performance

Oticon Opn is powered by the new Velox platform. Offering the best in resolution and speed, Velox delivers ultra-high performance through:

* Compared to Inium Sense

• 50 times faster data processing than ever before*
• 64 frequency channels for higher signal and frequency resolution
• Full environmental analysis 100+ times per second
• Capacity to handle 1,200 million operations per second
• Revolutionary TwinLink™ communication system
• 2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity

Oticon Opn

The key to an open sound experience 

While traditional technology focuses on one sound source and supresses all others, Oticon’s new approach opens the soundscape and embraces multiple sound sources.

The extreme processing speed of Velox™ ensures Oticon Opn™ provides the brain with more accurate information about the soundscape. Users can then locate and separate speakers and focus on what they find important.

Oticon Opn

The power to perform

The new Velox platform powers the cutting-edge technologies of Oticon Opn.

With 50 times more power than any previous generation, the Velox platform’s high-speed architecture can handle more than 1,200 million operations per second.

Velox's processing speed and capabilities powers the groundbreaking technologies that supports the brain and creates the open sound experience.

The platform uses a 1.4V battery and ensures superior signal and frequency resolution through 24-bit block-floating point representation across 64 frequency channels.

  • Oticon Opn™

    New features in Oticon Opn represents a paradigm shift in hearing care.

  • Oticon Opn


    Oticon Opn™ provides easy connectivity on the go or at home without wearing a streamer around the neck.

  • Oticon Opn


    Oticon Opn offers users 30% better speech understanding* and much more.

    * Oticon Opn 1, Le Goff et al. 2016