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New hearing aid packaging

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A premium unboxing experience that is more environmentally responsible, introducing the new Oticon hearing aid packaging concept

We are delighted to let you know that Oticon hearing aids will now be delivered with a new packaging concept. With a design based on an in-depth, global study with hearing care professionals and hearing aid users, the new packaging will ensure a more logical workflow for you.

It will also improve your clients’ unboxing and everyday experience, as well as reduce waste and increase sustainability. Read on to find out what has been improved and how it benefits you and your clients.

Here is how Oticon hearing aid packaging has been optimised

Oticon hearing aids now have a new and elegant instrument box (1 ) which presents your clients with a new carrying case (2). Both new packages have been designed to perfectly convey the life-changing technology within, using best-in-class materials and quality craftmanship.

From the warehouse to your client, the new packaging is ready for the various requirements of hearing aid packaging. The instrument box can purposefully store the IFU as well as spare consumables creating handy storage for your clients to keep, while the new carrying case includes integrated accessories as standard.

While creating the new designs, Oticon has achieved a higher level of environmental responsibility.


The benefits for you – making your job easier

The new packaging concept has been designed around your way of working.

• You will no longer have to provide a separate accessory kit, and more importantly, will not have to spend your time repacking in order to provide the accessories your clients want.

• Upon your request, the new instrument box can be packed and shipped with a number of spare consumables along with the IFU directly from the warehouse for each order. This includes domes, filters, batteries etc.

• You will be delivering your clients with a premium experience. You can provide their hearing aids tailored with all that comes with them. They will begin their hearing aid journey as positively as possible, and you will have ensured that everything is ready to integrate into their lives.

The benefits for your clients – it ticks all the boxes

✓ First impressions are important, and the new packaging provides your clients with a premium experience.

✓ The study we conducted showed us that clients like to receive a box that can be kept so that they can store and easily find all of their hearing aid bits and pieces. We listened so that now everything can be kept safe and organised.

✓ The new carrying case is more pocket-friendly and protects your clients’ hearing aids, holding them securely in place while resisting water and particles.

✓ Your clients’ carrying case now includes a multitool and cleaning cloth, which the study revealed clients like to take with them when they go out.


Oticon packaging is better for the environment:

As we all become more conscious of reducing our carbon footprint and seek greener alternatives in order to do so, it is important to take opportunities to make a difference when they are presented. The new Oticon packaging has been developed to have as low a CO2 footprint as possible. Here are just a few examples of how we have made a difference to be more environmentally responsible while designing the new Oticon packaging: 


• Integrated accessories eliminate the need for separate packaging that is discarded immediately.

• We reuse our own scrap plastic for 10-20% of the carrying case shell.

• The new cardboard instrument box has a 100% recycled core, is covered with FSC certified materials, and is manufactured in Europe with 100% certified green electricity.

• The new boxes can be sorted as cardboard for recycling.

• The new carrying case can be recycled as plastic.


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