Keep your focus on what counts and immerse yourself in learning with Oticon hearing aids.

Transmit your teacher’s voice and stream sound from numerous media devices to help improve focus and reduce unwanted environmental noise in class.

Find out how to improve the way you hear in class with your Oticon hearing aids.

First, select which statement applies to you.

Need help finding out? Check the Instructions for Use that came with your hearing aids, contact your hearing care professional or read our tips for finding out if you have Bluetooth hearing aids

Hearing aids with Bluetooth

As well as transmitting your teacher’s voice straight to your ears, EduMic can connect to existing FM classroom systems and stream sound to your hearing aids directly from a smartboard, PC or tablet.

Find out more about Oticon EduMic here.

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Connect with your teacher during classes with the Amigo R2 FM receiver

If you’re a student that depends on hearing aids to hear clearly in lessons or lectures, then using an FM receiver like the Amigo R2 FM receiver will provide a convenient connection with your teacher or professor. You will first need to be issued an Oticon Streamer Pro by your hearing care professional, who will pair it to your hearing aids.

Benefit  to you:

Hear your teacher’s voice directly in your ears through your hearing aids, even at a distance.

Benefit to your teacher:

By wearing an FM transmitter and a microphone, your teacher will have the security of knowing you can hear them without having to raise their voice.

Streamer Pro has a built-in Euro pin socket and can be connected to an FM receiver and stream audio to both hearing aids.

Find out more about Streamer Pro here.

Streamer Pro connects with most universal FM receivers, but for the optimum classroom experience we recommend using it with the Amigo R2 FM receiver.

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