How to

Turn your hearing aids on and off

Activating your hearing aid for the first time

Your hearing aid is a miniature electronic device that runs on special batteries. To activate your hearing aid, you need to insert a new battery in the battery drawer. The hearing aid will start up when the battery drawer is closed. It will take a few seconds for sound to be produced. A jingle will be played while the startup process is running.

Put the hearing aid on once the battery drawer is closed. If the hearing aid is held in the hand while activated, it may produce a whistling sound. This will stop when it is properly placed on the ear.

Turning your hearing aid on and off

1. Turn your hearing aid on by closing the battery drawer completely with the battery in place. When the battery drawer is closed the hearing aid may start up by playing a jingle. This indicates that the battery is working and the hearing aid is operating.

2. Turn your hearing aid off by opening the battery drawer completely. To preserve the battery, make sure your hearing aid is switched off when you are not wearing it.

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