Client needs and expectations are changing constantly and staying abreast of these developments in technology helps give you the best chance to secure all around satisfaction.

In addition to our regular seminars, Oticon offers you a strong suite of tools that encompass everything from training in Genie to comprehensive marketing tools and the strongest product portfolio. All are designed specifically to assist you in attracting and retaining new and existing clients.

Our Professional Webinar Series archive offers recorded versions of our webinars for your review at your convenience. This is updated regularly throughout the year, so check back after our live webinars for updates.

2019 Webinars

2nd April 2019

Opn S breaks a law of physics and takes BrainHearing to the next level. Built on the new Velox S platform, it offers the consumer an even better listening experience with the OpenSound Optimizer and OpenSound Booster features. In addition, an all-new miniRITE R style provides exceptional performance and convenience with a Li-ion rechargeable battery. 
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2018 Webinars


16th October 2018

New custom styles for Opn and Siya mean new opportunities to meet your clients’ needs. Learn about the full range of custom options, tips for programming custom instruments, and how we validated the performance of IIC and ITC styles. 
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5th September 2018

Oticon Siya is the new essential family, built on the Velox platform. In this webinar we explore the features of Siya, as well as new features in Genie 2, new firmware updates, and the exciting Hearing Fitness app. 
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2017 Webinars

21 November 2017

Learn about ConnectClip, the two-in-one device for streaming and remote mic functions for Opn. We also cover the ZPower rechargeable solution for Opn miniRITE and Genie2 updates, including In-Situ Audiometry.
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25 May 2017

Opn is now available in three styles – miniRITE, miniRITE-T and BTE PP. We also introduce new technology features for Opn – Speech Rescue frequency lowering and Tinnitus SoundSupport.
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21 February 2017

In this webinar we introduce new evidence for Opn in listening effort studies, and launch Opn2 and Opn3. Now you can offer the benefits of Opn to more clients with these two new price levels.
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2016 Webinars

28 June 2016

Oticon Opn is a revolution in hearing care. Learn about the new Open Sound Paradigm and discover the ground breaking technology behind the hearing aid that opens up the world.
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29 November 2016

ARC, or Acceleration into Relevant Context, prepares clients to discuss the benefits of hearing technology for their situation. In this webinar we discuss the concept of ARC and materials to support priming for Opn.
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13 October 2016

As more and more people get online, particularly the over 50’s, a strong online presence is more important than ever. In this webinar we explore opportunities for marketing your business on digital platforms.
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10 March 2016

Speech Rescue is Oticon’s frequency lowering strategy. Learn about the details of frequency composition, how to set it up in Genie and how it maximises speech cues while minimising distortion.
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2015 Webinars


6 October 2015

Learn about the concepts and research behind ARC – Acceleration into Relevant Context. In this webinar we demonstrate how to prepare your clients for discussing hearing care benefits, and convey hearing care as health care.
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15 September 2015

In this webinar we discuss the core principles of marketing, from knowing your audience to using a consistent message in all marketing channels, and how to apply them in your business.
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11 August 2015

Learn tips for getting the most out of your Genie fitting software – selecting the rationale, optimising the fitting, tools for ‘theatre’, and where to find helpful support tools.
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14 July 2015

We hear with our brains, not our ears. In this webinar we explore the cognitive processes involved in listening, brain-friendly hearing technologies, and how to talk about BrainHearing to your clients.
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