NEW Oticon Opn™ custom styles

Now the Oticon Opn family has gained five new in-the-ear designs, even more of your clients can enjoy the groundbreaking open sound experience that makes directionality as we know it a thing of the past.

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NEW Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya is a quantum leap forward for the essential category of hearing aids

Introducing a new, comprehensive range of hearing aids for hearing loss up to severe-to-profound. Oticon Siya is for everyone who just wants to get out there and make the most of their lives.

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  • High-resolution sound – Captures the rich natural details of sounds and reproduces the nuances. This is thanks to the category-leading resolution from 48 frequency channels.

  • Fast and responsive focus – Adapts rapidly to different listening scenarios in 15 independent frequency bands. Oticon Siya responds progressively to noise sources in each frequency band until full directionality is needed.

  • Advanced noise reduction – Attenuates disturbing noise extremely quickly, even reducing noise between words.

Stay ahead with Oticon

At Oticon, we are dedicated to supporting you in your practice. Our campaign programmes assure you, at all times, a complete and continually updated product portfolio and the latest support tools to help you maintain a high level of client satisfaction in all aspects of your business.

Oticon strives to be a strong partner and help you to guide your clients through their journey towards better hearing.

The initiative includes a suite of structured tools to assist you in meeting your clients’ individual needs – and strengthen your position as a modern hearing care provider.

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BrainHearing™ technology

Supports the way the brain makes sense of sound

Oticon Opn is designed to help your clients by giving their brains constant access to the full soundscape, so their brains can naturally focus on the most relevant sound sources.

This is thanks to a unique combination of BrainHearing technologies, which work together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in.

These technologies ensure Opn can give the brain access to all of the important sounds in everyday listening environments, including when multiple people are speaking.

Explore the unique benefits of BrainHearing technology

  • Oticon Alta2

    High-quality hearing aids that offer extensive opportunities for personalisation

  • Oticon Nera2

    Mid-level hearing aids with superior sound quality and many options for personalisation

  • Oticon Ria2

    Essential solution with excellent sound quality and options for personalisation

Oticon Dynamo

More Power. Less size.

Dynamo is the most sophisticated Super Power solution ever for severe to profound hearing loss. It offers not only extra power, but also clear, authentic sound quality.

Experience Dynamo

Paediatric hearing solutions to suit any need

At Oticon we work hard every day to help you as hearing care professionals create a better future for every child with hearing loss.

Our paediatric mission

How many clients can have ‘invisible’ hearing aids?

More than ever before

Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids have always been limited to a small percentage of people. But our research shows that almost half of all first-time users would prefer to have this type if they could. Fortunately, our new miniaturized technology means twice as many of your clients can now enjoy the benefits of ICC hearing aids: no one will be able see them, and they never get in the way.

Simplicity for first time users 

Because we have reduced the size of the components in our IIC and CIC (completely-in-the-canal) hearing aids, they can fit in smaller ear canals than ever before. However, they still offer the same improvement in hearing and reduction in effort – even in noisy places like restaurants.

Now that more of your clients can enjoy the ultimate discreet look with no buttons or settings to consider, Oticon’s new IIC and CIC range may be just the choice your first-time users need to take action on their hearing loss.

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