Open up to the world with Oticon Opn™

Set the brain free inside a full, 360-degree soundscape, for an intuitive listening experience that is naturally easier —  and open to multiple speakers.

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A whole new world to enjoy

Traditional hearing aid technology delivers speech understanding in noise by focusing on one speaker, while suppressing all other. With Oticon Opn, users can handle multiple speakers simultaneously – even in complex environments, so they can focus on what is important and switch attention when desired.

Oticon Opn

Closing down sounds, closes down life

Technological limitations of current hearing aids have led to the use of narrow directionality to make speech coming from the front clear, while suppressing the rest of the sound environment.

Oticon Opn

OpenSound Navigator™
opens up life

With the OpenSound Navigator, directionality as we know it is now a thing of the past. Oticon Opn delivers the ultra-fast sound analysis and processing needed to provide hearing aid users with access to the sounds in their lives.

The open sound revolution keeps on expanding

First, Oticon Opn brought continual access to the sounds happening all around us. Next came a choice of performance levels and speaker options that suit hearing loss from mild to severe-to-profound.

Now, new styles and features like tinnitus support increase the benefits and applicability, giving access to Oticon Opn for even more users.

  • Testimonials

    Users open up about the Opn experience.

  • More power options

    Covering hearing loss up to severe-to-profound

  • New performance levels

    Oticon Opn is now a family of three: Opn 1, Opn 2 and Opn 3

Hear what people are saying about Oticon Opn

The success of Oticon Opn with both hearing care professionals and clients is clear to see in this series of video testimonials about how it makes a big difference to the lives of people with hearing loss.

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A Made for iPhone® hearing aid

Connects to their world

Whether streaming sound from the TV, listening to music, or chatting over a video call, everyday connectivity is simpler than ever — with no streamer around the neck.

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Oticon ON App

Discreetly adjust the volume, switch programmes, or check the battery level with just a tap of a finger. The app can also play sounds that sooth tinnitus.

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Connect to other Internet-enabled devices

When someone rings the doorbell, wearers can get a notification. Maybe they would like the lights to come on when they put their hearing aids on? With Internet-connected hearing aids, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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Built on BrainHearing™ technology

Oticon Opn takes a ‘brain-first’ approach to helping people understand the sounds they hear

Good hearing isn’t simply a question of making sounds loud enough. Hearing, and especially speech understanding, is a cognitive process. BrainHearing™ technology supports the way we intuitively make sense of sound by giving the brain the conditions it needs to thrive. With constant access to the full soundscape, the brain can naturally focus on the most relevant sound sources and ignore any others.


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The benefits of BrainHearing ...

Oticon Opn delivers a reduction in listening effort, more capacity to remember, and better speech understanding in noisy environments.

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... in both difficult and easy environments

We hear with our brains, so BrainHearing technology makes it easier to listen in noisy environments — and in less demanding ones too.

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Tinnitus relief sounds 

Oticon OpnTM plays soothing sounds, using our proven Tinnitus SoundSupportTM technology.

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Built on advanced technology

It takes the highly advanced technology in Oticon OpnTM to deliver its rich and open listening experience.

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