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The Importance of Quality – Learn How We Test Oticon Hearing Aids

Reading Time: 1,5 min.

At Oticon, we test our products based on a range of different factors. In fact, we perform more than one hundred individual tests. These include drop test, artificial ear wax test, sweat test, battery door wear test, dust test, and battery life test. Watch the video below to see some examples of the many quality tests we perform to ensure Oticon hearing aids are of the highest standard. 

Not only do we test the quality of Oticon hearing aids, we also make sure that they do not contain any harmful substances such as Phthalates and latex. In fact, Oticon hearings aids are evaluated to be non-allergenic and non-irritating according to ISO 10993. This not only ensures that you are only getting quality materials, it also means that our hearing aids are suitable for even more people to wear, and comfortable for all that do.


On top of build and wear quality, properly fitted Oticon hearing aids also promise exceptional sound quality. This is largely thanks to our dedication to understanding how better hearing starts with your brain. We pride ourselves on delivering industry leading sound quality, you will even be able to understand speech on par with normal hearing people*.

When you choose Oticon, you choose quality. We build our hearing aids ready for you to enjoy and live a full and active life.


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