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Why you should try streaming with Bluetooth® hearing aids

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The benefits of Bluetooth® hearing aids: why you should try streaming

An Oticon hearing aid can help you to better understand the world around you; from friends talking to birds singing, it makes everyday sounds more accessible – but that’s just one part of the story.


Thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy technology in select Oticon hearing aids, you can hear even more of the sounds you love – like music, podcasts, audiobooks and more – by streaming them directly from iPhone® or iPad®. With Oticon More™, you can even stream directly from compatible Android™ devices.

It’s a modern feature that you can really benefit from. From sound quality to expanding your listening options, here’s why you should try streaming to your Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids.

Listen to audio on the go while maintaining situational awareness

By connecting your hearing aids to a mobile device, you can listen to podcasts, music, audiobooks and much more without having to remove your hearing aids. While streaming, the hearing aids will continue to listen out for important sounds – like an approaching car or someone shouting – so you can listen to your favourite things without compromising your safety.

Enjoy clearer audio…

Instead of struggling to hear when you’re listening to music or watching a video on your iPhone, iPad or compatible Android device, you can stream clear audio directly to your hearing aids and enjoy high-quality sound, free from unwanted noise and at the perfect volume.

…Even when you’re making a phone call

Although hearing aids can help you partake in real-life conversation, when it comes to phone calls, it can be a challenge to get it right. The person you’re calling might sound distorted, or you may struggle to hear because they sound too quiet.

By streaming the call to your hearing aids you’ll have a much clearer connection at a perfect volume controlled by you.

Enjoy even more connectivity options

By pairing your Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids with accessories like Oticon ConnectClip or TV Adapter, there are even more possibilities for streaming:

Enjoy clear phone calls, hands-free

While streaming clear audio to your hearing aid, you can use the ConnectClip microphone to stream your speech back to the phone, giving you two-way audio that’s hands-free.

Master video calls

It’s not just phone calls that streaming can help with.

Video calls through Skype or FaceTime can be a challenge when you have a hearing loss, but using ConnectClip together with your computer or any Bluetooth device can help by providing clear, two-way audio, so you can connect with colleagues and loved ones, even from a distance.

Watch TV with your family

When you have hearing aids and watch TV or a film, you often need a louder volume, but this can make for an unpleasant viewing experience for those around you. When streaming audio from the TV to your Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids using Oticon TV Adapter, you can get clear sound straight into your ears and adjust the volume in a way that works for you, without affecting anyone else.

Fine-tune the sound you stream, control volume, change programmes and much more from your phone using our hearing aid app, Oticon ON. Find out more here.

Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids are compatible with a wide range of devices. Check our compatibility guide for more information.