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Susanna Løve, MA, Au.D.

Susanna Løve is a Danish-American audiologist by education from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, graduating in 2009. She also holds a clinical doctorate in Audiology from the University of Western Michigan and has lived and worked for many years in the USA. She spent 8 years in American private practice clinics before joining the Centre for Applied Audiology Research at Oticon headquarters in Denmark in 2014. In 2019, she became the Director of Clinical Audiology at Oticon and is currently the Director of Audiology, responsible for the audiological and clinical direction for the Oticon brand. She is also team leader for a group of clinical research audiologists, students, and graduates. Additionally, she is external examiner for audiology programs within Denmark and advisor on student theses.

Susanna is passionate about developing hearing aids that are designed with the user’s and the clinician’s needs in mind and takes a special interest in the areas of modern fitting approaches in a changing audiology scene, tinnitus, Audiology best practices, and advanced hearing aid features such as feedback prevention, noise reduction, and speech amplification approaches that use new and different way of tackling the challenges that people with hearing loss face.