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Have you heard about the new Oticon brand?

Have you heard about the new Oticon brand?


Oticon has changed because our world is changing. With ageing populations, new user demands and new technological breakthroughs, the hearing care industry is rapidly transforming.

To keep understanding our users and customers, and keep meeting their needs, we need to move with the times.
That’s why we have renewed our brand. Now, it better reflects our technology leadership and brings to bear our proud heritage of empowering people. All while steering us confidently where we want to go in the new age of hearing care.


A refreshed Oticon means you have a vigorous partner with ambitious goals.We push the limits of technology and challenge conventions to create hearing aids that help you change the lives of people with hearing loss. 

Our groundbreaking research into hearing loss, BrainHearing™, and new technologies gives you evidence you can trust.
Our leading technology stands out better, and sharper messaging helps you explain how our technology changes people’s lives.

You get a partner who is devoted to users and strives to help them at every stage of the journey through hearing care. And we commit to empowering hearing care professionals, because we believe it’s the only way to ensure the highest user satisfaction

Discover Oticon's new brand


Download everything you need to bring the new Oticon brand to life: the new Oticon logo, new images and new messaging.

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Meet Gregg Stevenson, an inspirational Paralympian who suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus after being injured in an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2009.

Before being fitted with Oticon Opn S hearing aids, Gregg used to feel fatigued often and had to concentrate in order to hear and be part of conversations. This often resulted in Gregg missing communications from his coaches as well feeling isolated when out with his family and friends.

Now that Gregg is wearing Oticon Opn S hearing aids, he is getting more out life. He now doesn't need to isolate himself from crowds, he can focus more in both his study and training and is back to doing things he should be doing with his family.

Click here to watch Gregg talk about his journey