Oticon Companion

Give your clients an empowering app experience

One powerful app. So many benefits.

Help your clients get the most out of their hearing aids with more discreet control, personalisation, support, RemoteCare, and user-friendly functionality. All in one app on their phone and Apple Watch that helps ease acceptance and inspire engagement.


Let’s keep your clients on track

Build their confidence, support their independence, elevate their satisfaction – all while gaining valuable usage data to help you make appointments more streamlined and treatment more customised.

Helping you through your busy day
Here’s a handy app overview to help you easily prepare to talk to new and current clients about getting and using the app.

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A win for you and your clients

The Oticon Companion app gives your clients everything they need to control, personalise, and reach out – all in one place. Giving you more flexibility, efficiency, and opportunities in your busy day.


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  • More discreetness – more satisfaction

    Your clients will enjoy discreet and easy-to-use functionality, plus an elevated Apple Watch experience for even more discreetness.

  • Greater support in noise

    Your clients can toggle on the SpeechBooster to enhance speech and reduce background noise. They’ll also appreciate direct relief from tinnitus care.

  • More rewarding customisation

    Great personalisation options – like easily fine-tuning microphone sound – offer exactly the sound experience clients prefer in different situations.

  • Helpful usage data

    Get more out of each client visit with the HearingFitness™ feature. It helps new clients adjust and gives you data to help optimise fittings.

  • Simple in-app help and support

    Your clients get step-by-step instructions right in the app, plus notifications and automatic updates. They can even see battery time and find lost hearing aids.

  • Convenient remote counselling

    Integrated RemoteCare offers you and your clients all the benefits of telehealth that improve client satisfaction. And you’ll gain efficiency and convenience.

More resources to help get you started

  • Oticon Companion overview

    Get an easy overview of what's new in the app and how that can benefit your clients.

  • Quick Guide for Apple Watch

    Help your clients install and use Oticon Companion on their Apple Watch.

  • Brochure for hearing aid users

    Give your clients an appealing introduction to how the app can improve their daily lives.

  • Support for your clients

    Need support getting your clients started on the app or tutorials about specific features?