Engage in life like never before with the world’s first user-intent sensors

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Explore the world’s first hearing aid with user-intent sensors

  • Today’s hearing aids understand sound but not the user

    Even within the same sound environment, users have different listening needs. Today’s hearing aids understand sound, but not the user. They apply a one-size-fits-all approach to sound processing. But we at Oticon know you can’t treat all users the same way. Only by understanding each user’s listening intention, can we provide truly personalised support - empowering them to engage in life and communicate with ease.

  • Personalised support with the world’s first user-intent sensors

    New BrainHearing™ insights1 reveal that people’s communication behaviour reflects their listening needs and intentions via head and body movements.

    With the introduction of our new premium hearing aid Oticon Intent, we incorporate information from head and body movement, conversation activity and the acoustic environment into the world’s first 4D Sensor technology.

    This groundbreaking technology seamlessly adapts to the user’s specific listening needs – even within the same sound environment. Oticon Intent helps users move beyond just hearing and listening, helping them to communicate and fully engage in life.

    Explore the 4D sensors in Oticon Intent

    Acoustic environment
    Sensors gather details of the 360º sound scene around the listener as it varies within listening environments and between environments.

    Head movement
    Sensors monitor if and how the user moves their head to understand the type of communication situation.

    Body movement
    Physical movement sensors help anticipate the need for increased spatial awareness support.

    Conversation activity
    Monitoring if there is an active conversation or not informs the system to prioritise speech.

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Taking our BrainHearing technologies to the next level

New 4D Sensor technology fuels the sound processing in Oticon Intent
With Oticon Intent, we expand the possibilities of the industry-leading MoreSound technologies. By introducing the world’s first user-intent sensors together with the new Deep Neural Network 2.0, MoreSound Intelligence™ 3.0 provides individualised help based on the situation and the listener’s intention. This, together with significant improvement to the MoreSound Amplifier™ 3.0 and the purpose-built, brand-new Sirius™ platform, enables us to take our BrainHearing technologies to the next level.

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Clinically proven to help users like never before

Backed by extensive clinical studies, Oticon Intent’s intelligent and seamless adaption of support – even within the same environment – ensures precise balancing of sounds in each user’s brain2. With personalised support in every moment, Oticon Intent empowers users to more easily attend to and focus on the task of interest3.

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The release of Oticon Intent presents multiple major breakthroughs designed to help hearing aid users engage more with the world around them

Oticon Intent – the hearing aid that supports all modern connectivity standards

  • Next-generation Bluetooth LE Audio leads the way in connectivity

    Thanks to LE Audio in Oticon Intent, users can embrace an all-round better experience when streaming audio, which enables high sound quality, and greater power efficiency. It also makes Oticon Intent a future-proof hearing aid, ready for future communication technologies, such as Auracast.

  • Wide-ranging connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy

    As ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aids, Oticon Intent lets users enjoy hands-free calls as well as direct streaming on iPhone, iPad, or Mac without the need for an intermediary device such as a ConnectClip. Oticon Intent is also compatible with the Android Protocol for Audio Streaming (ASHA), allowing users to stream audio directly from an Android device.

  • Oticon Companion – an empowering app experience

    Easy control with the Oticon Companion app gives your clients the freedom to discreetly control, customise, and care for their hearing – all from one easy-to-use app for your phone or Apple Watch.

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