Oticon Xceed Play

Oticon opens up a world of power

For children with severe-to-profound hearing loss

The world’s most powerful paediatric hearing aid

Oticon Xceed Play is available in two BTE styles – super power and ultra power

Industry high gain with 146 dB SPL MPO and 87 dB full-on gain

OpenSound Navigator™ provides 360° access to sound, while OpenSound Optimizer™ ensures stable gain

Wireless connectivity to a comprehensive range of accessories

Open up to more speech and language development

Oticon Xceed Play sets a new standard among paediatric power hearing aids. Thanks to the two proven features, OpenSound Navigator and OpenSound Optimizer, this new power hearing aid introduces paediatric power users to the open sound experience for the very first time.

Thereby, Oticon Xceed Play provides better conditions for speech understanding and language development.

360° access to speech with effective noise reduction

The groundbreaking OpenSound Navigator constantly monitors, prioritises and preserves speech from all directions. While reducing noise extremely fast. This makes it easier for paediatric power users to understand what is being said and helps them to develop auditory as well as language skills.

Optimal gain while preventing feedback

The innovative OpenSound Optimizer proactively prevents feedback from happening and dramatically reduces the gain reductions during the day. Without the high risk of feedback, Oticon Xceed Play enables you to fit your paediatric power users with up to 6 dB more stable gain. This provides the brain with up to 20% more speech cues.*

* Ng & Rumley 2019. Oticon Whitepaper

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Better hearing starts with the brain

Oticon Xceed Play is built on the philosophy that better hearing starts with the brain. We call this BrainHearing™ and it supports the natural way children’s brains process sounds. Oticon Xceed Play applies proven BrainHearing technology which provides access to a 360° balanced soundscape, so children get the opportunity to choose who and what to listen to.

Connect wirelessly to the world

Oticon Xceed Play connects wirelessly to any modern smartphone and gives access to our wide range of accessories via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, providing direct streaming of stereo sound to both ears.

  • Remote microphone

    The ConnectClip microphone is ideal in challenging environments with poor signal-to-noise ratio, such as in the car.

  • Classroom solutions

    The ConnectClip wireless microphone enables 1:1 communication, while the Amigo R12G2 FM receiver makes it possible to communicate via FM systems.

  • Oticon Companion App

    Oticon Companion App makes it easy for older children and parents to control the hearing aids with just a touch of their fingertips.

Made for iPhone

Oticon Xceed Play is Made for iPhone and connects to any modern smartphone via ConnectClip.


Designed to stand up to the test of childhood

  • Robustness
  • Tamper-resistant battery door 
  • Free of allergens
  • IP68 Certified 
  • LED light for complete peace of mind 
  • Available in two BTE styles and 12 child-friendly colours

This is Oticon power

Oticon Xceed Play joins our high quality lineup of Oticon Opn Play power instruments, all with an open sound experience and a wealth of features.

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