Basic Audiology

Oticon have developed five e-learning modules that introduces the basics of sound, hearing and hearing loss. The modules are designed for learners who have little to no knowledge of audiology and hearing loss or just want to brush up on the basics.

  • The Nature of Sound

    This module goes through the basic properties of sound. The two most common terms “frequency” and “intensity” is explained and related to hearing in humans.

  • The Hearing Sense

    This module will take you on a guided tour through the ear. The module describes the physiological characteristics and uncover how the ear transmits sounds from the environment to the brain.

  • Exploring Hearing Instruments

    This module introduces you to the construction and function of different styles of Oticon hearing aids.

  • How Hearing is Measured

    The module explains how a hearing test is conducted. You will meet Roger who needs to have his hearing tested and you will learn how this procedure is executed. You will get an introduction to the audiogram and different measuring techniques.

  • Fitting a Hearing Instrument

    The module explains what the prerequisites are for a successful fitting. You will go through the counselling session and the primary steps of a traditional fitting incl. the fitting software Genie.

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