Inium Sense Platform

Learn about the features and technology behind the Inium Sense based instruments

  • Speech Rescue™

    Learn about Oticon’s frequency lowering technology Speech Rescue. See how Speech Rescue differentiates itself from other systems on the market, and how it can help people with severe-to-profound hearing losses.

  • Soft Speech Booster

    Soft Speech Booster ensures that soft sounds are loud enough to provide the brain with the soft speech cues it needs, yet still avoiding feedback. This module explains how it works.

  • Innium Sense Feedback Shield

    The module introduces the Inium Sense feedback shield, Oticon’s anti-feedback system with 4 times faster gain control and a targeted 20 Hz frequency shift.

  • SpeechGuard E

    Speech Guard E makes it easier for the brain to find the meaningful sounds in any listening situation, freeing up mental resources for other tasks. Learn how in this module.

  • BrainHearing™

    A comprehensive module on the thoughts behind the BrainHearing concept. Learn how Oticon’s unique audiological features support the brain.

  • Free Focus

    Free Focus gives hearing aid users the support they need to follow speech in noisy situations without compromising their loudness sensation or spatial awareness. Learn more in this e-learning module.

  • Spatial Sound

    With Oticon's Spatial Sound system, the important directional cues are enhanced to help compensate for the hearing loss, making it easier to know the location where a sound originates. Learn how in this e-learning module.

  • YouMatic™

    With Oticon's YouMatic, the balance between hearing and sound quality decided for each individual listener. YouMatic takes more than the traditional data into consideration to create a natural listening experience. Learn how in this e-learning module.

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