Velox™ Platform

Learn about the groundbreaking technology in Oticon Opn hearing aids.

  • OpenSound Navigator

    OpenSound navigator takes a pioneering approach to help people with hearing loss navigate in complex and dynamic acoustic environments. This short introductory e-learning module explains how this breakthrough in hearing care works.

  • Oticon Opn

    The Velox e-learning module is an introduction to the new Velox platform and the new OPN™ hearing aids by Oticon. The module covers the impressive technology and groundbreaking audiology that Velox can provide. You will also learn about Oticon’s new TwinLink™ connectivity technology.

  • Speech Rescue LX

    Learn about Oticon’s frequency lowering technology Speech Rescue LX. See how Speech Rescue LX can help people with severe-to-profound hearing losses.

  • Genie 2 – Fitting Oticon Opn.

    A quick guide to help you get started fitting Oticon Opn hearing aids in the Genie 2 fitting software.

  • REM Autofit

    Every person’s ear canals are different so they have unique acoustic qualities. Learn how REM AutoFit will help you to personalise hearing aids to the client's ears.

  • Brainhearing TM in Oticon Opn TM – Tests and evidence


    This is an introduction to the independent test results and evidence showing how Oticon Opn™ changes the life of people with hearing loss when they are in noisy situations.

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